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An immersive and engaging exploration of core business processes

Intended Audience

Undergraduate Level Management and Business Courses

An incomparable Undergraduate Experience

Foundation® business simulation is an engaging introductory simulation designed to teach all the essential elements of running a business: finance, the cause and effect relationship between functional areas, satisfying customer demands and competitive analysis. Participants take the reins of a $40 million company that has no clear direction and poor financial results. The task is to build the business, adding products and focusing the management decisions from every key department on the company’s goals. In the Foundation® scenario, the overall industry has two market segments: low tech and high tech. Each company in the industry begins with one product but can develop a portfolio of up to five. From five to eight years, each simulated in one round, the management team shapes the company’s future via decisions on Research and Development, Marketing, Finance and Production. In later rounds, modules on Human Resources and Total Quality Management can be added.

Foundation®simulates the management decision processes in a true-to-life, competitive environment. Each company competes for sales, profits, and market share while participants learn to read and understand financial statements, allocate resources and balance competing demands.

Used in corporate and university environments around the world, Foundation®is offered as an individual or team-based business experience. Flexible enough to fit a range of face-to-face and online teaching platforms, Foundation®has been used in courses ranging from two days to a full semester.

Business decisions often impact areas across the organization. Foundation® provides a complete introduction to business demonstrating the cause and effect relationship between functional areas in a competitive environment. Students take over a simulated company with one product in two market segments. To build a profitable and sustainable enterprise, this interactive experience requires decisions in production, research & development, marketing, and finance. Other challenges including total quality management and sustainability, human resources, and ethics can be added.

  • How do you run a business with no clear direction?
  • If the price increases, how will sales and revenue be impacted?
  • By making product upgrades, will your target market purchase more?
  • What do you do to appease disappointed shareholders?

Capsim Foundation Business Simulation India presents a challenging yet highly rewarding learning experience, equipping you with essential business skills and decision-making prowess. It is the premier choice for dedicated business learners.

Capsim Capstone: The Business Strategy Playbook

Venture into the heart of corporate decision-making with the Capsim Capstone Simulation. From innovative R&D projects to strategic financial planning, grasp the essence of running a successful business. A must-try for MBA candidates and business enthusiasts, Capstone offers a real-world glimpse into strategy and execution. Dive deep, strategize, and watch your virtual company soar.