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7.4.3 Time Allocations

The Time Allocations column gives companies an opportunity to fine-tune their sales efforts. Time Allocation entries determine what percentage of time the Sales staff and Distributors will devote to each product.

In general, teams should make their Time Allocations consistent with their segment priorities. However, if a company wants to improve sales for one of its products, it can instruct the Sales department to increase the percentage of time spent selling that product. This will boost sales for that product during the current round. It will do nothing for the product’s Accessibility (Accessibility is defined at the segment level, not the product level).

Stated simply, higher Time Allocations mean greater sales efforts by your staff, and this translates into increased demand for that product. Your overall Sales Budget drives two factors, Accessibility and Salesmanship. Accessibility examines infrastructure, is subject to diminishing returns, and is partially remembered from round to round. Salesmanship Time Allocations applies only to this year. Increasing a Time Allocation for a product will increase that product’s sales , however this would be at the expense of other products’ Time Allocations.

Please Note: Time allocations must total 100%. If the allocations for products total less than 100%, the remainder will be assigned to the last NA (Not Applicable) cell. If this happens, reformulate your percentages for your products until they total 100%. If you have 8 products, adjust the numbers of the other 7 products until they total 100% minus the desired percentage for the 8th product.

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