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Corporate Programs

A Suite Of World-Class Business Simulation-Centric Programs

Impactful Talent Development Solutions To Help Organizations Deliver Exceptional Performance

Confident business people meeting and brainstorming displaying strong strategic thinking skills

Unforgettable Learning

Business Simulation

The world’s best-selling business simulation and the darling of CEOs/CHROs worldwide

Business Acumen - BusinessThink

High Performance


Develop the critical business skills organizations need for success

Financial Acumen, Commercial Acumen - BusinessThink

Number Competence

Financial Acumen, Commercial Acumen

Understand numbers, use numbers, drive numbers and metrics with confidence

Capstone® Business Simulation - BusinessThink

Effortless Success


The Antidote to competition and change. The Ace in the managerial toolkit

Business Agility, Strategic Agility - BusinessThink

Thrive in Change

Business Agility, Strategic Agility

Understand, respond and thrive in the VUCA world – agility in thought and action

Business Acumen + Strategic Thinking: BusinessThink

Thrive in Change

Business Acumen + Strategic Thinking

A transformational intervention for your Middle and Senior Level

Business Decision Making - BusinessThink

Be Less Wrong

Business Decision Making

Improve the Quality & ROI  of your decisions. Analyze & solve problems better

Tailored, context specific training BusinessThink

Custom Programs

Tailored, context specific training

Create the impact most pertinent to you

Capsim Capstone: Business Mastery Simplified

Unlock the intricacies of corporate strategy with the Capsim Capstone Simulation. From pioneering R&D initiatives to crafting impactful marketing campaigns, get a firsthand experience of steering a business in a competitive market. Ideal for both MBA students and seasoned professionals, Capstone provides an unparalleled platform to hone strategic skills. Dive in, make informed decisions, and witness the growth of your virtual enterprise.”

Capsim Capstone Business Simulation India is your gateway to a real-world business simulation, highly regarded by universities and businesses globally, including those in India. It provides invaluable insights into practical business operations.