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8 Plug-Ins

Some simulations use plug-in modules. Plug-ins have a more general impact on your company.

For example, your response to a dilemma posed by the Ethics Plug-in could have a negative impact on your corporate profits. Or your answer to an Accounting Plug-in might help your company avoid a major financial headache.

8.1 Making Decisions

Your task is to find ways to ensure compliance, minimize exposure and return value to all stakeholders. Group discussion and consensus is imperative. If you do not reach a consensus (that is, if there is no clear majority), the system will default to a “do nothing” answer.

In the following round, the impacts of your decision will appear in the Capstone Courier. The plug-in area will offer a more detailed explanation of the events and the reasoning behind the impacts.

Your simulation Dashboard will notify you if your company needs to make Corporate Responsibility and Ethics plug-in decisions. In the following round, the results will appear in the Capstone Courier. If your instructor permits it, an expanded impact debrief will be available from the Reports link on the website.